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September 2017

Pink Shoe Time Capsule – 100 years of women’s voices

To commemorate the 2018 Centenary of women getting the vote and also to celebrate our own 10th anniversary Pink Shoe launched its exciting Time Capsule project. The Time Capsule was announced by Pink Shoe Founder Helene Martin Gee  at the State Rooms of the Speaker’s House by kind permission of Mr Speaker, The Rt Hon John Bercow MP. 





The multi-media Pink Shoe Time Capsule highlights the progress women have made through history and celebrates the cross cultural, cross sectoral nature of the network.


The voices of women will truly be heard in the Pink Shoe Time Capsule. Women from across the UK and beyond are asked to contribute – female MPs and Peers from all parties and the many women working in all aspects of Parliament; along with local officials, academics, artists, professionals, athletes, business owners, service women, third sector, community workers ….from school students to those in retirement, all are welcome to add their voices and make their mark on history.

The Time Capsule marks the 2018 the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, which gave some women the vote for the first time and will be ‘buried’ somewhere in Parliament. We’re linking with the Vote100 Project which is curating an exciting series of innovative events in Parliament and across the UK that will celebrate this historic anniversary.

We’d love you to get involved!

Please email Hannah Grover: to be part of this unique project and send your own message in time!

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