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Pink Shoe Senate

Pink Shoe Senate

Members of the Pink Shoe Senate – Senators – bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Pink Shoe. They help to contribute to greater understanding of women in all aspects of business, career and public life, both within the network and in the wider community.

The main role of the Senate is to act as an advisory board; providing expertise, market intelligence, support and advice to Pink Shoe. Its external perspective assists the development of policy and practice.

The Senate is an advisory-only body and does not make decisions in its own right. Members are all voluntary and their role is completely autonomous.

The Senate provides specific advice and support on:

  • Purpose and vision
  • Strategy and planning
  • International development

To complement the work of the Senate and its Chairman is the special post of Minister without Portfolio. This is a unique and strategic role with a wide-ranging remit across the network and charitable foundation.


Senate Chairman

Jill Pay – Chairman, Pink Shoe Senate 



Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt LVO CEO, Westminster Business Council

Sara McKee – Creative Director & Founder, Evermore

Sandra Roycroft-Davis – Founder, Thinking Slimmer

Sue Lawton MBE – Adviser, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women & Enterprise


Senators at Large:

Fleur Bothwick OBE – Head of EMEIA Diversity, EY (London, UK)

Helen Milby – President, GWIN Global Women’s Network (Washington DC, USA)

Thaima Samman – President, Women In Leadership (Paris, France)

Sheetal Mehta Walsh – Founder, Shanti Microfinance (San Francisco, USA)



Minister without Portfolio

Marie Melnyk – Director, The Cricketer


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