Pink Shoes Leave Positive Footprints...

Aims & objectives

Lady Burt, Jill Pay, Lady Verma, Maria Miller

Pink Sky Foundation engages with key decision makers to inspire, support and encourage greater participation of women in all areas of life. It creates opportunities for members and corporate partners to showcase work, skills, and services.

The Charitable objectives of Pink Sky are:

To develop, support and encourage women of all sectors, cultures, ages and backgrounds into senior roles across all areas of business, academia, the professions, trades and public life.

To help women gain the skills, confidence, technology and networks they need to become successful business owners, company directors or hold public office, so that they can contribute to and have a stronger voice in society.

To foster ambition in women through positive role models empowering them to rise to the top in any sector or public life, academia, commerce or industry.

To work in partnership with appropriate organisations to advance gender parity and economic development.

To work with under-represented groups to develop, support and encourage wider inclusion in professional and business life and societal advancement.

To carry out such other charitable educational and research purposes as the Trustees shall think fit.

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