Pink Shoes Leave Positive Footprints...

Pink Shoe Philosophy

Pink Shoe members are at the very heart of the organisation and a key aim is to ensure that all activities contribute to our goal of supporting the lifelong development of women and have a positive social impact. For example, the Pink Potentials and Pink Protégée programmes, which help young women and men gain varied experiences with the group and in the wider world of work.

Pink Shoe has created links with Parliaments both in the UK and internationally. One of its objectives is to help increase female participation in public life, politics and government – locally, nationally and globally.

It aims to encourage female enterprise and leadership, improving knowledge and skills and facilitating access to top jobs across all professions and sectors.

Established in London since 2007, the club holds ‘Pink Shoe Pop-Ups’ across the UK and beyond.

Pink Shoe is founded upon five key principles:


Appreciation for all women and acknowledgement of our amazing achievements in every field. Recognition of our own accomplishments and the power of our personal femininity. Sharing the vision to encourage others.


Both professional and personal. How to reach and stay at the top of our chosen fields and be leaders with integrity, confidence and self belief.


Ensuring corporate and personal responsibility and an holistic approach to life. Caring for the environment, helping each other and creating a positive legacy.


Linking with women and men from all sectors, cultures, ages, abilities and backgrounds to gain the immense benefits of fresh ideas and varied perspectives.


Enjoying all aspects of our lives, achieving work:life balance, celebrating style, networking in superb surroundings at lively events whilst enjoying healthy, artisan food.

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