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Welcome to Pink Shoe


Pink Shoe is the place where all the many elements of successful leadership are celebrated. Where it’s fine to be feminine as well as focused, passionate as well as prosperous. Where women leaders connect with equally powerful women and men.

Pink Shoe has some truly outstanding ambassadors, who work with passion and purpose in their chosen fields. What’s great about each of them is their capacity to share ideas, talents and connections – we definitely attract ‘radiators’ not ‘sponges’ to Pink Shoe.

Established in London since 2007, the club holds regular ‘Pink Shoe Pop-Ups’ across the UK and beyond. The three facets of the club: Enterprise, Leadership, and Lifestyle empower us to focus on the many different aspects of our lives and careers.

Each of us is able to progress professionally and pass on our knowledge to each other and to the next generation, as well as enjoy the finer side of life.

If you too are a remarkable woman or man, and Pink Shoe is something you’d like to be part of, please get in touch so we can welcome you to our club!

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