Pink Shoes Leave Positive Footprints...

EB Roadshow Outputs

Tangible ideas and creative outcomes from the UK’s female founders

The EB Roadshow visited Cardiff, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham to gather ideas from women business owners. Outcomes from each of the cities are below.

EB Roadshow Cardiff

EB Roadshow at The Shard FQ5

EB Roadshow Edinburgh

EB Roadshow Liverpool

EB Roadshow Birmingham

Bringing together all the ideas from the national roadshow the final session was held at the House of Commons with participants from each of the five roadshow events. Here are the final outcomes that will contribute to the NatWest / Pink Shoe White Paper.

EB House of Commons

A big thank you to Sharniya Ferdinand and Rosie Williamson of NatWest for capturing all the ideas!

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