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“Money, money, money makes the world go round ..”

 Access to capital remains a key element in success of any early stage enterprises and in encouraging more women to set up businesses.

But many women perceive access to capital as a barrier to starting up their own business and women-led SMEs are less likely to use external finance than men.

In the US, funding activity for women led businesses is far higher than in UK. There are well established female angel groups as well as Venture Capital funds targeting women- owned businesses. In addition, a number of big businesses have set up funds to invest in women-owned business.

Within the UK Economic Blueprint for Women, the Access to Capital work stream wants to play an instrumental role in creating a more female friendly finance eco-system and emulate the US by:

  1. Encouraging more women to become angel investors
  2. Working with Venture Capitalists to fund more female led businesses

We are seeking to attract women and men who are:

  • experienced and interested in developing these areas
  • mentors to leaders of women-owned businesses
  • passionate about driving the growth of women-owned businesses in the UK.

Come and join the Access to Capital work stream and help shape the future direction for the UK.

Please contact Anna Sofat to find out more



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