Pink Shoes Leave Positive Footprints...

EB Marketing

To ensure a robust foundation for the Economic Blueprint, the EB Marketing Team volunteers are professional, experienced and highly creative.

From strategic planning and developing a marketing road map for the creation and delivery of the Economic Blueprint, Team EB Marketing covers all the bases: establishing strong press relations, creating an outstanding business case for sponsors and developing a dynamic social media presence,

This energetic and inspiring team of marketers bring a collective wealth of international expertise to the Economic Blueprint. With substantial businesses and high profile clients, the Marketing Team provides EB with an unbeatable combination of talent.

The team collaborate on all areas of marketing with specific specialities and responsibilities.


Antonella Ragona, founder of Marketing Nest, leads on marketing/ social media




Noreen Cesareo, founder of Market Accents, heads EB Press Relations




Diana Chrouch, founder of Chrouch Consulting, leads on EB Sponsorship

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