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To substantially increase the presence of women-owned businesses in the UK, and unleash female entrepreneurial talent to invigorate our economy and competitiveness, a joined up national effort is needed.

There are many experts engaged in developing and supporting the impact of women-owned businesses in our marketplace, and many success stories containing valuable learnings – however much of the related activity continues to operate in silos, and too few measurable success stories, including strong data, are documented or accessible. Progress will remain slow unless our initiatives become more synergised.

We are actively seeking the following people to join the Economic Blueprint Access to Markets work stream:

      • women entrepreneurs
      • those who buy from them and
      • other experts and contributors

If you have a genuine passion to support faster integration of women-owned businesses (WBs) in supply chains and you have experience in any of the following areas, we would be delighted to hear from you:

      • Policy-making/influencing/convening networks to increase representation of/opportunities for WBs in the economy
      • Specific training and mentoring of WBs to help access and deliver more market opportunities (including WB to WB mentoring)
      • Driving public sector and private sector supply chains which are more inclusive of WBs (supplier diversity and inclusion)
      • Research/data on i) best interventions to improve market access to WBs and ii) socio-economic-environmental impact of WBs
      • WB collaboration/clustering to tender and deliver larger competitive contracts, and doing  business together
      • Journalistic, technology, measurement and/or organisational skills to help ensure raising awareness of ‘what is working’ and to help teaming across sectors/organisations for cohesive effort and transformation

The Access to Markets work stream will focus on these Economic Blueprint goals:

  1. The value of exports by WBs will increase by 30%
  2. An index of the corporate and government spend with WBs will be created, tracked and published –  working towards a target of 5%
  3. A marketplace will be developed to enable WBs to cluster in order to win contracts and to do more business with each other

If these goals resonate with you, please contact the Access to Markets Chair Maggie Berry (Executive Director of WEConnect International in Europe) on for further information and to schedule a discussion.

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