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An exciting foundation to the Economic Blueprint

There is no denying that ‘what gets measured gets done’. Successful leaders, organisations and businesses are those that research, keep a finger on the pulse and focus to carefully define goals that will produce the results they want.

Such goals arise from clear, factual baselines and that is why this work-stream exists.

We aim to monitor and facilitate the underlying research data and information that is available, to define the Economic Blueprint goals and annually assess them to ensure the Economic Blueprint: strives for the key results that will make the real difference; and influences for most impact in order to increase women’s contribution and success in business enterprise.

If we are not clear, focused, driven, energetic and determined the Economic Blueprint won’t succeed and we, in the data and information team are excited to contribute all of these elements.

Pink Shoe is delighted to be working in partnership with the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) that brings the evidence base on SMEs and enterprise together.

Our initial brief is to:

  1. Monitor available data to provide credible evidence on Women Owned Businesses (WBs) and their contribution to the UK economy in order to encourage the Government Regulatory and Advisory bodies to collect gender data to support achievement of our 10-point Economic Blueprint.
  2. Research female representation in private and public sectors to support, inform and expedite Economic Blueprint activities.
  3. Research the bodies currently active in public and private sector to identify where Economic Blueprint can add value / what other bodies may be required
  4. Provide clear evidence on the current position and changes needed to improve and enhance the success of WBs in contract bidding and winning.
  5. Provide information for media representation.
  6. Take an overview to advise Economic Blueprint where and how to focus activities. To do this, we need a strong team to help steer the ship and would be delighted to hear from anyone with relevant experience and energy interested in joining our crew. In the first instance please contact Jill Pay, email


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