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EB Training


What are you personally prepared to do to support driving our 10-point plan to fruition? What organisations could you influence? What else could you bring to the party?



Access to Training

We are including training/networking/mentoring/coaching and any other knowledge/skills based development activities. We invite women and men to grasp this opportunity to contribute – whilst:

  • expanding your own knowledge by helping others to expand theirs
  • sharing your expertise
  • building your contacts
  • supporting women’s business advancement home or abroad

We plan to ensure that training is available in the widest possible variety of methods offering women access to development in ways which work for them, suit their needs and those of their business. We need to capitalise on what already exists by identifying, co-ordinating and promoting what is there. We can then encourage the generation of programmes and initiatives to plug the gaps. We must be ready to create such packages ourselves where no such provision exists.

So, can you offer:

  • Wide knowledge or experience of the business training world?
  • Specialist knowledge of a particular sector?
  • Expertise of putting together online seminars, webinars, discussion groups/forums/info exchange groups?
  • Knowledge of the online training/support available and what we would need to create ourselves? 
  • Please contact Vanda Green or Susan Greenwood to discuss how you can get involved.

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