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EB Know & Grow

With a brilliant group of students and staff from Middlesex University, the design and development of the ‘Know & Grow My Business’ interactive assessment programme for female start-ups to scale-ups is underway.

This digital self-assessment tool will be one of the gateways to the digital platform and assist Women-owned Businesses (WBs) to determine where they are in the business cycle, identify the best route to their next business step and the tools available to get there.

From Team EB, the creative team includes Sandy Meadows, Diana Chrouch, Patricia Knightley, Lola Owolabi, along with Almira Ross, who leads on digital platform development for EB. Know & Grow will be based upon relevant and timely information gathered from sessions with all aspects of the EB working groups.

Inclusive and flexible to suit all users, Know & Grow is able to recognize any training needs and signpost businesses to the appropriate part of the digital platform to suit current needs, identifying providers of training, mentoring, networking and funding across the UK.

The ‘Know & Grow’ tool was previewed by Team EB along with Middlesex students and faculty to an invited audience of female founders, business owners and entrepreneurs.


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