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Becoming a Member


To give you a flavour of what Pink Shoe is all about, prospective members are welcome at up to three ‘open’ events as a guest. If you don’t yet know anyone in Pink Shoe, we’ll happily host you at an event and link you with an Ambassador from a similar field or sector.

If you identify with our aims and principles and would like to find out more about any aspect of Pink Shoe membership please contact Hannah Grover, email We promise you there won’t be lots of tiresome rules and regulations, and like you we don’t have time for endless committees!

Ambassador Membership

By invitation. For successful and influential women across all sectors. Ambassador Members are involved with the strategy and scope of Pink Shoe.

Ambassadors are women at the very top of their career or business, who contribute to the success of others whatever their field. Ambassadors are limited to 150 in each city and able to become part of Pink Shoe with recommendation from an Ambassador or Founder Member. Pink Shoe Ambassadors work with emerging leaders and mentor our Pink Potentials.

Diplomat Membership

Applications are welcome. Open to successful women and men at Director, Professional or Senior Managerial level and for entrepreneurs running their own business. Diplomat membership is also ideal for high-ranking women who wish to attend events but may not have the time to be more involved with Pink Shoe. Its also great for people working their way to the top, who are determined to put in the extra effort and resourcefulness needed to be the very best. Diplomat Members may apply after attending at least two ‘open’ Pink Shoe events and by recommendation from an existing member.

Most of our events are just as interesting, enjoyable and relevant for men, and we very much welcome men as Diplomat members.

Associate Membership

All are welcome and it’s as simple as signing up for our newsletter. A good way to find out more about events and activities and get to know what’s happening. As we all share the cost of each event you may be asked to pay a bit more to attend, this is to cover the cost of admin.

Pink Potentials and Pink Protégées- Intern Memberships

This option is for those the beginning of their career and for emerging entrepreneurs. Women heading for the top! Each year we offer a small number of exceptional students or recent graduates (women or men, of any age!) the opportunity to participate in Pink Shoe in return for help with its activities. Please see the Pink Protégées page for more information.

Pink Shoe mailing list

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