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Membership FAQs


You’re thinking about Pink Shoe membership… what is it all about?





What is the age range of Pink Shoe members?

Pink Shoe is less about age and more about a positive attitude.

Most members are over 30 but we do have members in their 20s. You’ll also find that each event has one or two Pink Protégées present and they tend to be very early 20s.

May I try Pink Shoe before taking up membership?

Yes, you can become an Associate Member just by signing up at the website. This enables you to book two or three events as a ‘free trial’ after which you could be invited to take out membership.

During your free trial per the events will cost more than they do for members as the membership covers the admin of event organisation whereas associate members and guests need to cover this in the cost of the event itself. So feel free to try us out – and make no mistake, as you’d expect we’ll be doing the same!

How do I become a Member?

The club has expanded via word of mouth and full membership is open only to those whom we meet through the personal recommendation of an existing member. Having said that, we hold regular ‘open’ events at which guests are welcome so that is a good route to meet existing members who may be willing to propose you for full membership. You don’t need to be recommended to join us at these trial events as they are open to everyone.

Once you’ve met existing members at an open or trial event they will usually be very willing to act as your proposer.

Diplomat membership is available upon application and requires proposal from an existing member. The premier level of membership is Ambassador, which is by invitation-only.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Annual Membership with Pink Shoe is excellent value at £160 for the year.There is also the option of Membership PLUS events if you plan to attend regularly and don’t want the hassle of paying each time.

What is the difference between what I get as a full member and staying as an associate member?

Becoming a member opens up additional events for you and enables a closer involvement with the club and with your own business and career aims. Members get advance notice and priority booking for all events and are exclusively invited to the ‘crème de la crème’ events each year.

We don’t rigidly ‘police’ attendance so you may find you can attend a few events as an associate member without actually joining. However this is becoming stricter so whilst you’re welcome to remain an associate, in future you may find you miss out!

For full details of membership please contact Hannah Grover, email

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