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An exciting new initiative for UK women business owners!

MP HERoes champions female enterprise across all sectors and industries in every area of the UK.

MPs throughout the country are able to nominate or are recommended a successful woman business owner in their constituency – a female founder with a typical turnover of around £50,000 or more.

Created by Pink Shoe Founder Helene Martin Gee and supported by Progeny MP HERoes stimulates grass roots women in business and creates a national alliance of local, relatable role models. Across all parties, regions and sectors, MP HERoes is a truly inclusive UK-wide initiative.

Pink Shoe was motivated by the outcomes of the Rose Review and the MP HERoes programme directly responds to the findings of the national UK Economic Blueprint for Women (EB) Roadshow supported by NatWest, and its annual FQ Shard events supported by Addidi Wealth and the Enterprise Research Centre.

The first MP HERoes celebrations take place online and go live in November 2020. Sponsored by Progeny and Pink Shoe and linking Global Entrepreneurship Week and Parliament Week.

Anna Sofat of Progenysays:

“MP HERoes is an exciting project that celebrates female enterprise in every part of the UK and will raise the profile of local women business owners.

We place women at the heart of everything we do. As the voice of women’s wealth, we recognise the importance of role models for female entrepreneurs and wish Pink Shoe and MP HERoes every success”.

MP HERoes is supported by Craig Tracey MP, who says:

“As Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women and Enterprise and an active MP in my North Warwickshire constituency I recognise the valuable contribution women business owners make to the local, regional and national economy.

So I wish Pink Shoe every success and welcome the MP HERoes initiative and the opportunity it creates to put a spotlight on the many dedicated and successful women running businesses throughout the country”.

Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise and Community Finance at NatWest says:

” The Rose Review demonstrated that advancing female entrepreneurship represents a £250bn opportunity for the UK economy. NatWest / RBS is already taking action, for example through its ‘Back Her Business’ programme.

With MP HERoes, Pink Shoe will help deliver an accessible peer group for women in business and raise awareness across Parliament and throughout the country of the vital contribution of female enterprise.

I welcome the MP HERoes initiative as a route to highlighting relatable female role models for the UK’s women business owners “.

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