Pink Shoes Leave Positive Footprints...

Pink Shoe Objectives

The wide range of activities undertaken by Pink Shoe all work towards its aim of ‘Creating Positive Footprints’.

Our objectives are:

  1. To develop, support and encourage women and under-represented groups of all sectors, cultures, ages and backgrounds into executive roles in all areas of business, academia, the professions, industry, trades, the third sector, the arts, and public life.
  2. To help women gain the skills, technology and networks they need to become successful in every aspect of the world of work and/or to hold public office, so that they may contribute to and have a strong voice in society.
  3. To sustain and encourage the lifelong development of women and their inclusion in society.
  4. To empower women through providing and highlighting positive role models from every sector of academia, commerce, industry and public life.
  5. To carry out such other educational and research purposes as the Board deems fit.

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