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Protégée Programme


Pink Protégées

 A key aim for Pink Shoe members is to pass their knowledge and experience to others and to the next generation.
The Pink Protégées International Internship scheme enables young women and men to gain experience with a variety of different roles and responsibilities.

Pink Protégées have moved on to roles such as:

  • Sonoko is a museum curator in Tokyo
  • Nour achieved her ambition to work for a ‘Big 4’ firm, then became an entrepreneur
  • Joelle is a Human Rights Attache and VP Events for OWIT in Geneva
  • Virginia is director of a human rights charity in Kosovo
  • Nadia is a diplomat based at the Russian embassy in London
  • Sophie is policy adviser for an international think tank
  • Alexis works for a major recruitment company in Paris
  • Snejana works with a social enterprise in St Petersburg

For school and university students there are ‘Pink Potentials’ opportunities where students regularly take part in Pink Shoe events at Parliament.

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