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Terms of Service

Pink Shoe Membership Charter


Pink Shoe Club (PSC) is operated by Helene Martin Gee & Partners. It is registered under the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and will comply with the DPA to ensure personal information is stored and processed correctly and securely.

Information Sharing

Information given to anyone acting on behalf of the Pink Shoe is considered to be given to the Pink Shoe as an entity rather than to the individual. However, Member’s confidential information will be kept at a level that is appropriate for the provision of a high quality, effective and efficient membership services.

Publicity & PR

The use of information for any form of publicity will avoid any detail about Members that may lead to their identification, unless prior consent has been obtained. We will always ensure Members have given permission before any information is passed to a third party.

Equal Opportunities

Pink Shoe actively pursues a policy of equality and inclusion; and periodically reviews its procedures to ensure it does not discriminate. Discrimination of any kind, by anyone associated with Pink Shoe or PSF, is not acceptable.

Your views

We aim to provide the best possible service to our wonderful Members at all times, and are eager to hear your views on our services. However, if you ever feel the quality of our service has fallen short of what you expected or hoped for, please let us know and we will immediately take action.

Name of Proposing Pink Shoe Member

An existing Member is needed as proposer; we’ll contact them at the time of your application.

Member’s Declaration

I agree that ‘Pink Shoe Club’ (PSC) may hold and process all personal and business information I am supplying with this confidential application form, and any further information I supply during the course of my membership.

I agree also that Pink Shoe may use my Personal Information as set out in the Pink Shoe Charter.

I hereby apply for membership of PSC. I undertake to conduct myself in a professional manner so as to uphold PSC’s reputation and standing and not to cause embarrassment or distress to other members of Pink Shoe and not to represent publicly the views of Pink Shoe or to claim its support, without the consent of the Club (or any individual nominated by Pink Shoe for such purpose).
By becoming a Member I also agree that I will aim always to live true to the Pink Shoe motto: “It’s amazing being me!”

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